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Consistency is the key to reaching your goals, whether that's writing a novel, blogging, or daily mindfulness journaling.

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Pay a dollar each time you miss.

We charge you $1 each time you miss a goal, then donate that to charity.

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Writing Masterclasses
on WritePhobia

Enroll in our free and premium Masterclasses to help you level-up your craft of writing.

Guided Novel-writing Courses

Try the "27 Chapter Outline" or "Seven-Point Story Structure" methods for planning and writing a novel.

Character and Worldbuilding Deep-Dives

Use our deep-dive Masterclasses when you want to develop a rich character or fascinating world.

Skill-up Masterclasses

We also have Masterclasses that target writing skills, like dialogue, pacing, action, and sensory description.

Benefits of a healthy writing habit

Writing often and consistently has numerous benefits to your emotional and mental health.

Daily journaling decreases stress and increases happiness.

Mindfulness and gratitude journaling before bed helps silence the intrusive thoughts that causes insomnia.

Creative writing processes emotions and builds perspective.

Writing helps you deal with difficult times and gives you a safe space to work through emotional issues.

Writing makes your mind sharper.

Blogging and instructive writing improves your communication skills and ability to grasp concepts quickly.

Writing makes you healthier

Start setting your goals instantly. We don't sell your info or spam you.

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