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Privacy Notice

This document describes how your data is used by WritePhobia.


We Never Sell Your Data

Your data will never be sold to any third party. Some of your data may be shared with third parties for the purposes of making the App work. For example, when you connect your credit card to WritePhobia, we will transmit your name and email address to Stripe Inc for the purposes of setting up your credit card billing.

Data We Collect

In order to create and maintain an account for you, we collect your name, email address, desired username, and password. Your password is stored with an irreversible encryption technique called "bcrypt hashing".

When you write a post on WritePhobia, we, of course, store that as well. We respect your privacy preferences for your written content. If you mark a post as "private", we make every effort to keep it private. If you mark a post as "for the community" or "public", then you are quite explicitly giving us permission to share and/or promote that content, and make it viewable to the world.

We do not own your post content, you own that. But, again, if you ask us to make it public, we'll do things that make it public; you grant us a license to publish and otherwise make use of your content. You can always remove your post and revoke our license to make your content public, but we have no control over whether someone else had copied or archived your post in the interim. Once it's out in the world, it's out in the world, y'know?

The Website uses Google Analytics for the purposes of improving the quality of the website. We don't attach any personalized data to your Google Analytics profile; it's all anonymous.

We also generate derived data for your profile. For example, we run periodic 'audits' of your word-count for the purposes of making sure you're staying on track with your goals, and also for showing you graphs of your performance over time, and other future features that you'd like to see in an app.

You can delete your account at any time. If the delete feature in the app isn't built or working yet, you can contact us and we'll delete your account within 7 calendar days. After your account is deleted, we still reserve the right to hold on to important financial transaction data (i.e., payment history) indefinitely. Some artifacts of your data may still exist in server logs or database backups for, perhaps, a year. We will make every effort to protect that data just as we do your 'live' data.

Other Uses of Your Data

You may interact with the Developer or WritePhobia outside of the official App or Website. For example, you may use our Reddit forum in order to seek support or assistance.

Any information or data given freely to the Developer or WritePhobia in this manner may be used to communicate with your or make improvements to the App or Website.

If, for example, you leave a feature request on a Reddit forum, WritePhobia may freely use that information that you shared. Similarly, if you leave a contact email address in a Tweet, WritePhobia may use that information to contact you.

Questions or Concerns

Please reach out to with any questions or concerns regarding your privacy.