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Using a WritePhobia Workbook on a laptop
We have courses, worksheets, and templates that help you improve your fiction and novel writing skills.
Workbooks are like textbooks you can write in: interactive lesson plans for writers.

Three Types of Workbooks

WritePhobia is all about getting over your writing blocks, so we build tools to help different aspects of your writing. Whether you need guidance on structuring your first novel, the fundamentals of dialogue, or a deep-dive into worldbuilding, we've got you covered.

Guided Novel-writing Courses

Try the "27 Chapter Outline" or "Seven-Point Story Structure" methods for planning and writing a novel.

Character and Worldbuilding Deep-Dives

Use our deep-dive Workbooks when you want to develop a rich character or fascinating world.

Skill-up Workbooks

We also have Workbooks that target writing skills, like dialogue, pacing, action, and sensory description.

A selection of workbooks to purchase.
Workbooks are like textbooks you can write in, except you can use them over and over again. Use the "Character Deep-Dive" Workbook on your protagonist, and then again on your antagonist.
The 'Character' page in the '27 Chapter Outline' workbook.
The "27 Chapter Outline" workbook guides you through writing an entire novel. Before you start writing your chapters, however, this Workbook asks you to do some prep work around characters, tone, and plot.

Using Workbooks

Workbooks don't ask you to watch lengthy videos on theory. They ask you to write. A Workbook might challenge you to explore a character's childhood, to write a scene where your character fails at their goal, or to develop a character's unique voice through a series of exercises.

Purchase a Workbook

Prices range from "free" to $30. Once unlocked, workbooks can be used as many times as you want. We'll back up your work in the cloud, too.

Use the Workbook

Some workbooks are more like worksheets, and only take a couple hours to complete. Other courses are multi-month long intensives that produce the first draft of a novel.

Use the Workbook Again.

Most Workbooks are designed to be used on each of your writing projects, and export nicely to mesh with your favorite writing tools. Use the "Worldbuilding Deep-Dive" worksheet for your next fantasy novel, then export your notes to Word.

Benefits of the Workbook Approach

Why we think our Workbooks are better than textbooks, Udemy, or YouTube.

Workbooks are Self-Paced

You're not stuck to a video, and there's no time pressure to finish a project before your subscription runs out.

Designed by Pro Authors

Our Workbooks are designed in collaboration with professional working authors, and target the specific skills or habits you should be building to become a better writer.

Workbooks Generate Real Output

We design our workbooks to guide you through real writing challenges. Use a Workbook to develop your characters better, to bring your workbuilding to life, or to make your dialogue pop.

Writing Chapter 2 of your novel in a Workbook
The "27 Chapter Outline" Workbook guides you through writing each chapter of your novel, reminding you of the beats you need to hit in each chapter, and letting you track your progress on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

Adds you to our "New Writing Workbooks" newsletter. Unsubscribe anytime. We don't sell your info.

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